About 1mg:

1mg is India’s #1 health destination. With more than 3 M downloads of our app, we are the trusted partner for health consumers in India. Our vision is to ensure affordable, accessible and transparent healthcare for all.

At 1MG, we work on simple principles of addressing the pain points of patients and their care-givers. We started as a health information portal and have ventured into an e-pharmacy & e-Diagnostics platform as well delivering health services at home.

About Doctors by 1mg:

Doctors by 1mg is in line with our continued efforts to make healthcare simpler for our patients. On a day-to-day basis, people struggle to find the right doctor. We intend to change it real quick.

The platform enables you to discover best doctors around you and offers you the ease to book appointments with a click. You can browse through doctors by their area of specialization as General Practitioners, Gynecologists, Cardiologists, Dentists and practitioners of alternative therapies; Homeopathy and Ayurveda.

We believe that finding the doctor is a social exercise, and recommendation of friends and trusted networks go a long way. We use technology to help you connect with friends, read real reviews of others in a similar situation and also book appointments with the right doctors. We believe we help you actually identify the right doctor for your needs.

We have curated a well-researched and extensive database of doctors along with their credentials, clinic descriptions and verified reviews. The best part here is that these doctors are reviewed by your friends. The comprehensive directory has 80k+ doctors, 50k+ clinics and 250+ specialties covered just so that you have enough options available.

At 1mg, we want you to find the right doctor by replicating the real life process of searching on an online world. We have incorporated 20k+ reviews, ratings, and recommendations of people in your social network. We are making doctor search very easy.

Today, more than 3 million people visit 1mg.com to search for their medicines and find worthy information on their drugs, making an informed decision. With comprehensive information in place, Doctors by 1mg wants you to make a smarter decision while opting for a doctor.

About The Company:
Core Team
Prashant Tandon
B.Tech (IIT-D), MBA (Stanford)
Past : McKinsey & Co, Hindustan Lever Ltd, MapMyIndia
Gaurav Agarwal
B.Tech (IIT-D)
Past : GM (Farmville) - Zynga, NetApp
Alankrit Nishad
B.Tech (IIIT Allahabad)
Past : LimeLabs, Fashionetra (Founder)
We’re backed by investors who’ve backed Apple, Google, Yahoo, Intel, eBay, inMobi and so on.
Intel capital
Kae capital